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Client Success Stories

 Viktor Incentives & Meetings, Inc.

Problem: Hire an employee or outsource payroll.
Viktor Incentives & Meetings has been around since 1974 facilitating incentive travel, sales meetings, and customer appreciation for companies around the nation. Once a company with just a few employees, they have now expanded to 32 full-time employees.

They had always completed their payroll in-house, but seven years ago they got to a place where they had to make a decision. They had eight employees at the time and payroll was starting to take quite a bit of time to accomplish. With all the forms that had to be filed and all the reporting that had to be accomplished they either needed to hire another employee just to process payroll or outsource.

They heard about Integrated Payroll Services, Inc. and thought they would give it a try. Ron, the accountant for Viktor Incentives & Meetings, says that outsourcing was “really easy and it keeps on being really easy.”

Solution: Hire a company that keeps outsourcing simple.
Outsourcing turned out to be a great option for them because all they have to do is report their hours and the rest of the information is compiled for them. They chose to pay their own taxes because they have other taxes that need to be paid along with their payroll taxes. With Integrated Payroll Services, Inc. they could decide which options were needed and which ones were not.  Everything Ron needs is sent to him with the payroll. Another benefit Viktor Incentives & Meetings has realized is that by using IPS they have created more opportunities for their employees. Almost all of their employees use direct deposit services which they were not able to offer when payroll was handled in house.

Result: The staff is happy and more time is spent on core business tasks.
Viktor Incentives & Meetings keeps growing. Their employees are happy because their paychecks are accurate, delivered on time, and through direct deposit can be split into multiple bank accounts. The accounting staff is happy because their time is freed up to perform other core business tasks. They have minimal time invested into payroll and it helps the company run more smoothly.
“IPS has allowed us to do more for our employees,” explains Ron. “Choosing to work with them was a great decision.” 

Trattoria Stella 

Problem: New business with no payroll department
Trattoria Stella of Traverse City, Michigan, opened their doors in 2004 prepared to be one of the best fine dinning establishments in Northern Michigan. Owners Paul and Amanda Danielson were committed to creating a restaurant that became part of the community and exceeded their guest’s expectation. Having received two major awards for their wine list, consistently satisfying returning clients, and serving their community, they have succeeded. As they look for food vendors that would keep the quality they wanted for their guests they also looked for a payroll service that would provide a quality service to their employees.

Solution: A one stop shop
IPS is a great fit for all restaurants because they provide an easy system for employee turnover that is inevitable in that industry. During the busy summer months Trattoria Stella never has to worry about the paper work and reporting that comes with hiring.

Result: A smart business solution Trattoria Stella found a good fit with Integrated Payroll Services, Inc. They have outsourced tasks that are not their area of expertise and taken that time to focus on the areas they excel in. They have also added extra benefits to their employees like direct deposit and a reliable payroll.

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